• Yuri speaking at EGI Conference 2016

    EDISON Competence Framework and Reference Implementation

    In addition to the community building activites and organised interest groups, EDISON will prepare a number of formal documents around a Competence Framework (CF-DS) to support the concepts that underpin Data Science as a profession together with reference implimentations in the form of a Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK) and Model Curriculum (MC-DS). 

    See Library for formal reports published by the EDISON project 

  • Cerys Maner Conference Hotel

    EDISON Champions Conference 2016 - 13-14 July in Brockenhurst, UK

    This 2-day event in the New Forest brings together around 40 of the leading providers of teaching and training for Data Science in Europe in order to capture best practice, identify challenges and opportunities ahead, and better understand the roles of the pioneers at the vanguard, and how EDISON can help them become Champions.

    Champions Conference details: including how to apply

  • Future plans

    EDISON Preparing for the future

    In addition to promoting the need for more Data Science professionals and establishing the conditions for re-skilling and certifying Data Scientists, EDISON is developing a sustainable business model and roadmap that will provide a basis for the formal recognition of the Data Scientist as a new profession, including supporting the establishment of formal certification for practicing “self-made” Data Scientists.

    A Community Portal is being developed to exploit the project outputs beyond its lifetime

  • Defining the Data Science profession: a survey

    In order to help train, educate and recruit the data scientists of tomorrow we need to know more about all aspects of the profession. So we very much welcome input from all of those involved from the educators and recruitors to the practitioners as well as the would-be data scientists of tomorrow. If you can spare 20 minute then please do take time to complete our survey. Thanks.

    Follow this link to start the survey

  • Expert Liaison Groups - ELGs

    The Expert Liaison Groups serve as a key channel for facilitating structured dialogue between professional sectors, academia and the EDISON project. Three ELGs are established, bringing together three interest groups with relevant members from: Universities, Employers and Data Experts. Please get in touch if you are interested in appying to join the ELGs.

    The Terms of Reference are available


EDISON is a 24-month project, established in September 2015, with the purpose of accelerating the process of establishing the profession of Data Scientist. This will be achieved by coordinating the vision and activities of the stakeholders who will contribute to and benefit from Data Science as a professional practice.

The effective use of Data Science technologies requires new skills and demands for new professions, usually referred as the Data Scientist: an expert who is capable both to extract meaningful value from the data collected and also manage the whole lifecycle of Data, including supporting Scientific Data e-Infrastructures.

The future Data Scientists must posses knowledge (and obtain competencies and skills) in data mining and analytics, information visualisation and communication, as well as in statistics, engineering and computer science, and acquire experiences in the specific research or industry domain of their future work and specialisation. We call this profession the Data Science Professional (DSP).

The establishment of the Data Scientist as a new profession is a long process, starting from the solid theoretical background all the way to the practical process of certifying the acquired skills. As CSA project, EDISON ultimately aims to accelerate such a process by coordinating the vision and activities of the stakeholders and supporting them in seizing the benefits of such efforts.