Engagement and Interaction

Tokyo RDA7 IG-ETRD meeting

The EDISON initiaitve has a number of channels for engagement depending on your needs in the Data Science profession. The EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) offers opportuntities and benefits for managers, trainers, teachers, researchers, employers and Data Science professionals.

Through deeper understanding and greater familiarity with Data Science and the associated competences inherent in the profession, all stakeholders stand to gain something. Furthermore the EDISON initiaitive welcomes feedback and interaction in order to continue developing these resources that all stakeholders can enjoy.

How can I engage with EDISON?

Here are some of the current channels for interaction and engagement (although we welcome other approaches):

Social Media

Follow the EDISON project on Twitter: @EdisonEU - do share your posts with the @EdisonEU community where relevant.

The most recent Tweets can be seen on the EDISON website (use #datascience for relevant posts)

LinkedIn: join the EDISON group for updates and discussions: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8473188


EDISON Community Portal

One of the key goals of the EDISON project is to build a lasting legacy build the two-funded years of activity. One mechanism for achieving this will be the EDISON Community Portal which is under development. The Portal will act as a gateway to a rich collection of resources as well as a platform on which the community can expand and grow. Further details about this will appear shortly.


Employers, recruiters and managers

EDISON is now using the detailed and comprehensive research completed to date to develop a range of tools that will support the work of employers, recruiters and managers of Data Science professions. These will range from simple artifacts such as job descriptions and compatible team roles, to suggested recruitment strategies and tools for managing career progression.


EDISON RDA workshop in Tokyo

The photograph at the top of the page was taken at a meeting of the EDISON-supported Interest Group - Education and Training on handling of research data (IG-ETRD) in Tokyo.

Engagement coordination

The EDISON team regularly interact with and coordinates activities with other projects and intitiaitves. Please get in touch if you are involved in activities related to Data Science or data-centric research. Activities so far have involved aligning dates for events with other EU projects in Research Infrastructure, attending events in related areas and planning for future shared and co-located events.


Mandarin ideograph

Get in touch with the EDISON team. We have various communication channels and would love to hear from you. We also have many contacts relating to the Data Science profession, so if the EDISON team cannot help you, we may well know someone who can.

However, you do not need to have a question or a need to justify getting in touch. Don't hesitate to send us your details anyway or register for the the mailing list or Twitter feeds etc. we may need each other at a future date.

EDISON Project contact details:

EDISON websites:

The EDISON project team are regularly at various events across Europe and are also planning a number of events around Europe. Please get in touch if one of these is of interest or if you are organising a Data Science related event that might be aligned to the aims of the EDISON project.


Mandarin Ideograph

The photograph at the top of this page depicts a Cable and Wireless ideograph that was built to enable telegrams sent from Hong Kong to China to be translated into Mandarin in the 1970s.  

EDISON Data Science survey

The EDISON Data Science Framework is based on a deep understanding of the needs of all stakeholders involved in building the data science profession. As such, your willingness to give up some of your valuable time to complete this survey is very much appreciated.

Follow this link for the full details of the survey:


Defining a profession, in terms of role in an organisation, competences and experiences, career path, etc, is very complex. Doing this work for a new emerging profession such as that of DATA SCIENTIST is challenging. However, succeeding in such a challenge means that we can help most of you in your career needs:

  • If you are a scientist looking for improving your career path;
  • if you are a student looking for tailoring your studies for a successful employment;
  • if you are a researcher looking for formal recognition of your competences and experiences;
  • if you are an HR manager looking for clearly defined competences and experiences that candidates need to have; 
  • if you are an educator looking for new topics for your courses that fit with Enterprise and Academic needs... 

...use this survey to provide your vision, needs and perspective into this study. Helping the EDISON team with this survey will let you contribute to the creation of concrete and factual tools that will facilitate the definition of the Data Science Profession. 

The survey will last less than 30 minutes. Please, take enough time to reflect on your answers. Valuable replies will result on more value on the output. 

For further information on the EDISON project, please see this high level genral introduction to the EDISON Data Science Framework:

To thank you for your participation in this survey you will receive in advance the documents published by the project and a free one-year subscription to the forthcoming Portal DataScienceProfessional.eu.

Guarantee of confidentiality: 
Data collected will be anonymised and used according to the European data privacy regulations.