2016 Data Teaching Workshop

2016 Data Teaching Workshop: 3rd RDA Workshop on Curricula and Teaching Methods in Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Data Science as part of CloudCom 2016, Luxembourg, December 12, 2016.



The emergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Data (Intensive) Science as specialized fields in computing is motivating development of new books and courses to provide education in the techniques and technologies needed to extract knowledge from large datasets in virtualized environment. In current literature there is a lack of centralized learning resource for beginners that would integrate administrative, programing, and algorithm design aspects of related domains. We believe it is important to allow students, researchers, and professionals to understand cross-domain aspects of these challenges before they embark on further exploration of these fields.


Include but are not limited to the following areas applied to one of the Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science fields, or closely related to them:

  • novel or updated curricula;
  • novel or updated teaching methods, e.g. Bloom’s taxonomy for new types of Computer Science and Big Data courses, flipped learning, etc;
  • review and presentation of novel teaching materials;
  • review of methodologies;
  • characterization of domain knowledge (Body of Knowledge);
  • adoption as a part of institutional strategies;
  • review and analysis of existing practices in the design, implementation, and evaluation;
  • multimedia and interactive components in residential and online education, educational platforms, MOOCs and others;
  • cooperation between universities/academia and industry in delivering advanced education and leadership programs;
  • implementation reports and lessons learnt;
  • future trends and issues.


Event date: 
Monday, 12 December, 2016 - 09:00 to 17:00