University of Southampton – UK

The Faculty of Natural and Environmental Science (FNES) is one of the largest and most successful natural and environmental science faculties in the UK, educating a range of professionals and generating research of the highest quality.

Within this the Frey Group operates a “living lab” approach to scientific research and embraces a range of e-science practices and projects.

In parallel computationally based research, the group investigates how e-Science infrastructure can support scientific research with an emphasis on the way appropriate use of laboratory infrastructure can support the intelligent access to scientific data. Previously, within the UK e-Science programme, the CombeChem project ( looked at the ways in which e-Science and Web infrastructure can be developed to provide support for and carry out chemical research.



Jeremy Frey is Professor of Physical Chemistry and Head of the Computational Systems Chemistry Group and the Frey Group.

Steve Brewer is Network Coordinator of IT as a Utility (ITaaU), one of the 4 sub-themes of the Research Council UK’s interdisciplinary Digital Economy programme.