Expert Liaison Groups - first meeting, Bari, Italy

Bari venue
Bari EGI Venue

The first Expert Laiason Groups meeting took place on Friday 13 November in Bari, Italy. The event was organised as a  co-located event with the EGI Community Forum which had been taking place during the week. Whilst some of the guests to this closed event had arrived specifically for this, a number had already participated in other activities with the EGI event. And while not all of the ELG meetings will be organised as face to face events, this one was designed to enable us to get to know the first cohort of ELG members and also to enable them to get to know us and each other.

The day proved to be very productive with all of the participants providing insightful perspectives on the role and needs of data scientists and also, across the spectrum, ideas on how EDISON can support them in their individual professional challenges.

A more detailed report will emerge shortly summarising the discussions, agreements and actions for the future.