Accreditation and certification schemes RDA 8th Plenary BoF meeting

RDA Interest Group meeting
RDA Interest Group meeting

We propose to convene a BoF that will discuss approaches to analyzing and comparing data science related accreditation and certification schemes and related practices for data science and data management professions in different countries around the world.

The BoF topic was proposed at the last IG-ETHRD meeting, RDA Plenary 7, to respond to research community interest in formalising the necessary education, training and career development to obtain minimum necessary knowledge how to manage research data produced in research projects and individual research.

This activity is aligned with the goals of the EU-funded EDISON project and as such, EDISON partners would be proactive in supporting the work of this BOF. The committed involvement of others would be very much welcomed also. The idea and motivation for this BoF have emerged from discussions within the ETHRD IG and it is envisaged that the BoF will provide advice and input to create a new WG that further contributes to the sustainable development of the data science profession.

The objectives for the meeting are as follows:

  • Identification and agreement of key issues and opportunities relating to accreditation and certification for Data Science
  • Discussion and finalisation of the objectives of the case statement
  • Identification and agreement of follow-up actions before next meeting (including group roles, communication mechanisms and other matters)
  • Agreement on co-chairs for the group

Target audience:

We are particularly interested in participation from those involved in education and training, including continuing professional development (CPD). We would also be interested to hear from those involved in recruiting and employing Data Scientists and who would see benefits from a professional framework.

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See also: Birds of a Feather - Research Data Management Literacy: first meeting will be at RDA 9 in Denver, Colorado, USA 16th September, 2016