Data Science Competence Framework (CF-DS)

This document presents the proposed EDISON Data Science Competences Framework that is defined based on the study of the demand and supply sides for Data Science competences and skills in research and industry, as well as existing standards, taxonomies and studies.

The definition of the Data Science Competences Framework (CF-DS) is a cornerstone component of the whole EDISON framework. CF-DS will provide a basis for Data Science Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK) and the Data Science Model Curriculum (MC-DC) definitions, and further for the Data Science Professional certification. It is intended that the CF-DS will be defined in compliance with the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF3.0) and will provide suggestions for e-CF3.0 extension with the Data Science related competences and skills. This work will be supported by the taxonomy of educational and training materials on Data Science.

The following draft versions of this document are available for comment:

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