EDISON on target for building the Data Science profession

Brussels project meeting
EDISON Project meeting, Brussels, January, 2016

Brussels project meeting

The EDISON project team met in Brussels this week to drive forward their mission to build the profession of Data Scientist. With the growth of the digital economy and the increased need for data science professionals across all areas of the digital economy, not just research infrastructures, there is a pressing need for EDISON's coordinating role in helping Universities, training establishments, and also the research infrastructures themsleves, to satisfy this growing demand.

The project will help all of those across the data science landscape create quicker, easier and faster course material through the wealth of material that will be produced in the course of deepening our understanding of the landscape.

Through a number of investigatory tasks that will lead to the development of the EDISON framework, a number of mechanisms will be established to benefit the marketplace for data science professionals across many domains and sectors.