Project deliverables

See below for links to deliverables as they are made available:

  • D1.1    Online project handbook (M1)
  • D5.1    Dissemination and Engagement Plan (M3)
  • D2.1    Data Scientist Competences and Skills Framework (CF-DS) and Body of Knowledge (BoK) definition (first version) (M6)
  • D2.2    Existing educational and training resources inventory and analysis (M9)
  • D1.2    Register of IPR licenses (M12)
  • D3.1    Model Curricula definition and Report on the Use Cases support design (M12, M24)
  • D4.1    Strategic market analysis (M12, M24)
  • D4.2    Certification scheme plan (M12, M24)
  • D5.3    Liaison Group and other public engagement activities (M12, M24)
  • D3.2    EDISON Online Education Offering (M12, M24)
  • D1.1 EDISON Project Handbook
  • D2.3    Final versions of the DS-BoK definition, competence framework (CF-DS) and resulting eCF compliant Data Scientist profile definition (M22)
  • D1.3    Report about the mechanisms to sustain the IPR management (M24)
  • D4.3    Sustainability plan and implementation (M24)
  • D4.4    EDISON Educational Model roadmap (M24)

Project deliverables: reports, presentations, event reports, flyers etc.