Work Packages

The EDISON project will be delivered through the execution of five coordinated work packages.

Work package 1 – Coordination and Management

This work packages is responsible for all tasks and activities to ensure a smooth execution of the project.


Work package 2 – Educational Focus and Data Science Body Knowledge

This work package will collect and analyse information to define the required competences and skills for the Data Scientists working in different research fields and industry domains, and based on this we define required knowledge domains to be included into education and training programs; this will be defined as a Competences Framework for Data Science (CF-DS).


Work package 3 – Development and Reference Implementation Strategy

This work package will connect the theoretical results achieved in WP 2 into concrete actions and use cases for the target communities selected and nurtured by EDISON. The work package will develop the EDISON Educational and Training Model and its central component the Model Curriculum for Data Science (MC-DS) to be adopted in support of the three piloting use cases.


Work package 4 – Sustainability and Certification of Data Scientist Profession

WP4 develops and implements a strategy to ensure the exploitation of the EDISON Educational and Training Model through the definition of the service portfolio based on the outputs of WP2 and WP3, the business models and strategy that should ensure the sustainable of the EDISON developments.


Work package 5 – Dissemination and Engagement

The purpose of this work package is to manage the communication activities and outward interactions necessary for the successful delivery of the EDISON project’s overall objectives including the post-project impact objectives.


More detailed information about the structure, aims and activities of the project will be available shortly.